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Not normally aspirated, we are injected…

With beef stock. This was the first time I used my new food syringe. I had purchased the brisket at Costco earlier in the day because today is prep day and tomorrow is smokin! First get rid of the string, … Continue reading

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You think it would be easy to buy peasant food…

All I wanted was a couple of sections of a cow’s tail, is that too much to ask? I am in town so I check the local Waitrose for some oxtail, fresh or frozen I don’t care – nope. In … Continue reading

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Smoking for the Common Man/Woman…

As you probably know I have been into smoking meat lately. There are several techniques that are used in the USA and are now making an appearance here in the UK. They are based around using hard woods as a … Continue reading

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Hot summer days does not always mean BBQ…

After having Panzerotti with the kids for dinner last night I thought I should try and get a bit of health in me diet. One of my favourite salads is not one, not two, but yes seven layers of salad. … Continue reading

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Sorry it has been…

way too long since I have written a blog. The last one was mid May. My defence is that starting with May it is supposed to be summer and BBQ season right? Well, in England we have been absolutely smashed … Continue reading

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Low and way too slow…

I bought over 2kg of pork shoulder at Costco for less than £5, but that piece of meat is going to need some “good lovin” to make me go yuuuummmmm. I was using Jamie Purviance’s recipe from Weber’s Smoke: A … Continue reading

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I stink (again)….

I have been trying to get to grips with my WSM, so today I went to the UK Weber Grill Academy, “Weber’s purpose built cooking school – open all year!” for a course on Smoking Methods. Once out of Reading, … Continue reading

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I stink…

of glorious hickory wood smoke. I had purchased some new charcoal and bought a book to improve my smoking technique. Yesterday I went to Costco and bought some ribs to smoke today. I prepared them by taking off the membrane … Continue reading

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Low and Slow…

The trees are flowering, daffodils are out and aubrietia is emerging from the nooks and crannies so it is time to get it together for some cooking low and slow with SMOKE!!!! My previous adventure into smoking was good at … Continue reading

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Smoke and BBQ a marriage made in heaven…

As I always say, “sometimes left overs are better than the original meal”! I had smoked a turkey breast on the weekend. This was going to be the third consecutive meal of smoked turkey; smoked turkey hot, smoked turkey sandwich, … Continue reading

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