Quick Pickle Take 2

In a previous post about Baked Bean Falafel I made some quick pickles to have with the falafel.

From my investigation you need to leave the pickles in the fridge for at least two days and up to 1 month. I ate the first jar in 3 days, so I had the pickling liquid and most of the seeds/spices left in the jar. The two items that went really well with the falafel were the red onions and the radishes so I wondered if you could reuse the pickling liquid for another session so potted it up with another red onion and filled the rest with sliced radishes.

Quick Pickles Take 2

Today for lunch I had a wrap with the cold falafel (they are good cold too which is another reason to make the baked bean ones) with the radish and red onion and it was amazing. This has really made me think that instead of the same old store bought pickled cucumber in dill, mustard seeds and onion you can make “designer” pickles to match the dish you are preparing. You just need to plan a couple days ahead so that the pickles get their time to meld their flavours in the fridge.

Combinations I am thinking about are:

– White onions with mustard seeds for potato salad.
– Cucumber, onion, lemon rind and fennel seeds for tuna salad.
– Red onions, cucumber, black pepper corns, Nigella seeds (onion), mustard seeds for beef salad.
– Carrot, orange peel and coriander seeds for coleslaw.

Will let you know which ones are winners and losers.

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