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Quick Pickle Take 2

In a previous post about Baked Bean Falafel I made some quick pickles to have with the falafel. From my investigation you need to leave the pickles in the fridge for at least two days and up to 1 month. … Continue reading

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2020 Food Challenge – main course

2020 Food Challenge – main course Roll out the red-carpet cause wur havin BEANS!!!!! This is the second part of my works cooking challenge which is to make a main course from Egypt. Since our team is from all over … Continue reading

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2020 Food Challenge – starter

Making Salata de Boeuf was going to take some major deconstruction…. Wow! has it really been over 6 years since I blogged last… that was after a trip to Portugal for work where I blogged about the meatgasm. Not any … Continue reading

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Round and round we go…

Recently I went to a Portuguese restaurant where they served meat on skewers to your table and cut it onto your plate with big sharp knives. Wait for it… ahhhhhh meatgasm the meat keeps coming and coming until you are … Continue reading

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Fresh Strawberry Smoothie…

I have been trying a new way of eating by reading The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better. To get more vegetables into your diet he recommends drinking green smoothies, which looked and … Continue reading

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Yeah it is Cheese Day!!!

Before Christmas 2013 I went on a cheese making course at River Cottage (guess they are not doing it anymore as no link at this time). One of the types of cheese we made was Camembert which needed some TLC … Continue reading

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Red Veal – take 3…

Costco has started to stock locally source red veal which I just had to try. I bought the veal escallops because I wanted to master the art of Wiener Schnitzel. In my first attempt I used panko bread crumbs with … Continue reading

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My first investigation into Sous Vide Salmon…

Sous Vide cooking it is very scientific and based on thermodynamics, specifically entropy. You vacuum pack the food and put it into a water bath of certain temperature for a period of time and sooner or later all the water … Continue reading

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My ascent to the Mt. Everest of BBQ…

Smoking beef brisket, low and slow. I adapted my recipe from Weber’s Smoke: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill. Base Camp 01 (night before) Trim – did not do that probably should have Rub – make … Continue reading

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What the heck is a KCBS…

Kansas City Barbecue Society of course! And my Barbecue Bible, Sauces Rubs and Marinades has a copy of their Kansas City Sweet and Smoky Rub, which is described as: “Sweet rather than salty, flavorful rather than fiery” Here are the … Continue reading

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