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Not meat, nuff said

Fresh Strawberry Smoothie…

I have been trying a new way of eating by reading The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better. To get more vegetables into your diet he recommends drinking green smoothies, which looked and … Continue reading

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Yeah it is Cheese Day!!!

Before Christmas 2013 I went on a cheese making course at River Cottage (guess they are not doing it anymore as no link at this time). One of the types of cheese we made was Camembert which needed some TLC … Continue reading

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My first investigation into Sous Vide Salmon…

Sous Vide cooking it is very scientific and based on thermodynamics, specifically entropy. You vacuum pack the food and put it into a water bath of certain temperature for a period of time and sooner or later all the water … Continue reading

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Hot summer days does not always mean BBQ…

After having Panzerotti with the kids for dinner last night I thought I should try and get a bit of health in me diet. One of my favourite salads is not one, not two, but yes seven layers of salad. … Continue reading

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Street food my way…

Just got 15 minutes to put together dinner, well there is nothing better than my egg fried rice. A few store cupboard items are required as we have no time for shopping and I am hungry NOW! So crack a … Continue reading

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My Favourite Vegi Meal…

is Cauliflower Cheese! You have to admit the sedate cauliflower needs a little help to elevate itself from being a side covered in gravy to a full meal. A friend of mine gave me some white stilton cheese the other … Continue reading

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Tart it Up and say yuuuummmm…

I think that I will start a new category on my blog which is Tart it Up… as a way to take food from the grocery store with additions to make you go yuuuuummmmm. The reason I am writing this … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Slaw…

made my son go yuuuummmm the other day. If you can get a teenager to eat raw cabbage and carrots then it must be a good thing. I like Savoy cabbage as the texture is better, something about the wrinkles … Continue reading

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Here is one for the veggies…

One of my good friends who is a vegetarian and always very PC said that my site was nice but not really suited for vegetarians, so this is for Lynn. We need to celebrate asparagus season in the UK and … Continue reading

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