Hello my name is Drew!
I’m a support engineer by day, aspiring chef by night, and this is my food blog. I hope to cover:

    Butchery (or how not be afraid of a big piece of meat)
    Sausage Making


    BBQ (Weber gas and charcoal, Cobb and hopefully hot smoking)
    Sous Vide
    George Foreman Grill
    Visicook Halogen Oven


    I will let you be the judge….

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  1. Tony Chapman says:

    Hi Drew I came to your website via Microsoft cooking emails … my wife works at the Hyderabad campus in India; we are originally from Australia. We are both passionate about food and I am impressed by my first look at your blog … very comprehensive and well structured; I look forward to reading in details some of your past posts.

    Can I seek some advice: I have set up a food blog some months ago using webs.com but have found their technology very cumbersome (I am not a ‘techy but a television producer/journalist by trade). I have also tried WordPress but it seems like a lot of work just to establish a basic blog with text & pix.

    Can you tell me how you established your own site … was it through WordPress or with Brinkster? I would appreciate any assistance. regards Tony/Hyderabad-INDIA

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