Honey Mustard Slaw…

made my son go yuuuummmm the other day. If you can get a teenager to eat raw cabbage and carrots then it must be a good thing. I like Savoy cabbage as the texture is better, something about the wrinkles (must be my age) and a fresh carrot.


Cut the bottom off of the cabbage and peal the leaves off from the bottom of the cabbage. To prep the cabbage we need to take out the bitter white bit in the middle of the leaf.

Prep Cabbage

Then fold the leaves over on themselves and stack like pages in a book. Then push down with your left hand on the board and cut as thin of slices as you can.

Cabbage Strips

Now for the carrot. Peel then set to it with a Julienne Shredder.


You see those teeth, stay away from them they are lethal. Use a chopping board and keep well away. Put the cabbage and carrot in a bowl, add a pinch of sea salt and mix it up with a fork. I find a more even mix is achieved with dry ingredients first then add the sauce.

It’s saucin time. This where it all kind of falls apart as far as a recipe goes, cause it is to taste and where you live (no really it is). There is an optional extra in this recipe. In my book it is not optional but essential as it adds a sour to the sweet of the rest of the flavours. In England they have a sauce called Salad Cream.

 Salad Cream

Which is kind of like a thin mayo with extra vinegar. Normally I don’t like it straight from the bottle as it is a bit too strong, but cut with mayo it makes a really nice sauce.

So basically the recipe for sauce is Mayo (and Salad Cream), runny honey and a shot of French’s “American” mustard. Get this straight, if you put that napalm that is English mustard with this recipe it is really going to suck. We are after light delicate background flavours not stomp on your tongue madness!

For the single serving I am showing here it was:
1.5 tablespoon mayo
1.5 tablespoon salad cream
1 teaspoon mustard
1 tablespoon honey

Plate this sucker up with anything in the picnic hamper: chicken, sausages or burgers.
 Honey Mustard Slaw

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