Red Veal – take 3…

Costco has started to stock locally source red veal which I just had to try. I bought the veal escallops
Veal Escallops

because I wanted to master the art of Wiener Schnitzel. In my first attempt I used panko bread crumbs with flour and egg in olive oil but they just burned and the veal was edible at best. My second attempt was using my own bread dried and crumbed in a blender. I mixed olive oil and butter in the frying pan and the crumb crust turned out well and the veal was medium rare, but it was tough.

Normally male cows that are produced during milk production meet an untimely demise rather early in life since they cannot produce milk. Red veal is these young male cows allowed to run around outside and feed on grains and milk and grow for ½ a year or so. This is unlike the white veal which is kept in the dark in cages so they cannot move and force fed milk only. The white veal is very tender when cooked rapidly, but the red veal needs a little more cooking to get that tender mouth feel without having to torture cows to achieve this.

In my third attempt to have the ultimate Wiener Schnitzel I am going to use the Sous Vide and cook them rare at 131°F for 3 hours, then coat in flour and shallow fry in olive oil and butter until the coating is golden brown, which I hope will happen before the meat is overcooked inside.

I decided on smoked sea salt and cracked black pepper for the seasoning in the bag.

I then bagged them up ready for cooking
Ready to Sous Vide

Into the Sous Vide at 131°F for three hours, now where did I put that beer…

Here is the result

It includes another new item from Costco which is broccoli slaw, and some cheeky salt and vinegar crisps. All in a very nice dinner, and the Schnitzel was tender and crunchy at the same time just as it should be.

Sorry for not posting for such a long time. No real excuse except that I was working quite hard the last 8 months on an issue we had with our product which I hope is now behind us. Also it is supposed to be summer in the UK but at the end of June at 6:00 it is about 60°F so windy and cold. The smoker has not even seen light of day this year yet!!!!!

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