Not normally aspirated, we are injected…

With beef stock. This was the first time I used my new food syringe. I had purchased the brisket at Costco earlier in the day because today is prep day and tomorrow is smokin!

First get rid of the string, because we want more surface area to inject and apply rub. This is supposed to be kind of messy so I put the opened brisket into a foil pan, which we will use later also. Out with the beef stock. I selected the smaller needle and pulled a cylinder of stock and then inserted the needle into the meat about half way and pushed the plunger as I pulled the needle out.
Injecting beef stock

I had a couple of fountains and went all the way through a couple of times, but hey this is my first go. When it works you can see the meat swell and a little puddle of stock when the needle is removed. The brisket was inserted into a Sous Vide bag and doubled sealed. Night, night brisket enjoy a night in the fridge, see you tomorrow!

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