Sometimes I look forward to leftovers…

more than the main meal. I like:
Left Over Best Ever Lamb
Left Over Pot Roast
And now we have:
Left Over Open Face Meatball Sandwiches.

Yesterday I made my son’s favourite dinner which is Spaghetti and Meatballs. And I look forward to the next day which is always meatball sanis which are the leftovers from last night ( hope my daughter doesn’t ever decide have more than 2).
Leftover Meatballs

Because they need to be cooked again I choose Ciabatta which needs to be finished off in the oven before eating.

I take the leftover meatballs and quarter them to make them bite size. You do not want to unload ¼ of your sani in the first mouthful.
Meatballs Cut Up

I needed to get the chips into the Tefal ActiFry. You have to make sure they are really dry before putting into the fryer
Raw Chips. I decided to go with chips not fries with skin on cause this is leftovers and I do not want to spend too much time on tea.

I cut up the Ciabatta, and put the quarters of meatballs on the bread.
Ready for Cheese

There is something about the cheese I buy from Costco. It is really nice and dry. It melts and leaves that gooey stringy mozzarella that you get from a good pizza restaurant.

So I dumped a load onto the sani

And put it into the VisiCook SuperChef Multifunction Wave Oven.

After 12 minutes it looked like this.

And here it is ready to trough oh ya!!!

When I was clearing up I grabbed a bit of the other sani and it was even more awesome cold. It is going to work with me tomorrow for lunch as it made me go yuuuuummmm!

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