Open Face BBQ Beef Sani…

Made my son go yuuuummmm last night and he exclaimed

“I remember having these when I was little!”.

On Tuesday I bought a Morphy Richards 48815 Digital Electric Pressure Cooker and then made Beef Pot Roast. I now had left over beef which when cold can be a little, ok a lot, dry and stringy. Kids were coming over for some Black Ops and a movie on demand via Sky on XBOX so needed to come up with some tea.

I always big up the Tefal ActiFry as making great chips, but there is something is does better and that is sauté potatoes. I peel the spuds and then cut them in half the long way and run them through the large die of my Potato Chipper. Then I cut them into squares the short way, and it makes perfect squares all the same size. A tablespoon of olive oil and we are away for perfect sauté.

Sauté Potatoes

I am not sure if you have ever tried to make sauté in a frying pan but they never come out brown on all sides. One side is burnt and the other never saw the pan, come on think about it 6 sides and you have to get all those little suckers perfect on each side – no way.

My mother used to make these Sani’s when I was child (wow Déjà vu), I am not sure she used left over pot roast, but I thought reheating the roast in BBQ sauce would be nice. I cut the cooked roast into bit size squares and dropped them into a pot and drenched them with Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce . I am sure that I will get around to making my own BBQ sauce, which works, one of these days but this stuff is just great!!! How great you ask, well it comes around once a year at Costco and I bought 10 bottles!

Beef and BBQ

I chopped some onions for some extra kick to sprinkle on top. The sauté take 30 minutes so at about 15 minutes I lit up the beef and got it up to bubbling then turned it all the way down to low. The odd stir now and again keeps it from sticking.

Here it is ready to inhale.

Plated Up

Wow the meat was soft and fell apart in the sauce, just like the pot roast. The raw onions gave it that little bit of kick! I passed out knives and forks to eat it with, but kids picked up the buns and ate them with their hands. I am not sure if my son’s even touched the sides on the way down to his stomach. We all loved it and as I said, left over pot roast can be as good as the roast itself.

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