Pull the other one, take two…

In preparation for the pork being done, took some Pink Lady apples and cut them up.
Pink Lady Apples

Into a saucepan that has a tight fitting lid, along with a tablespoon of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water. Give it a stir and then put on the lowest heat you have. Every 10 minutes for ½ hour give it another stir. After 30 minutes smash them up with the back of the spoon and this is what you get.
Apple Sauce

It has been about 26 hours so it was time to take the pork out of its long hot bath. Hmmmmm looks kind of strange.
Out of Sous Vide

I cut a corner out of the bag in the sink and turned the water on softly. I then cut a slit in the top for air and all juice came out. Not sure if you have ever used liquid smoke but the smell is really, really strong. A few paper towels later this is what it looked like.
Unbagged Pork

Looked kind of like a fake comedy rubber piece of meat, and felt like it too. I was now having my doubts about all of this. Well out to BBQ where I had oiled the grates and turned it up to maximum.
On Grill

After about 10 minutes, turning every two or so, this is the finished article and it looks much better now with a little colour.
Finished Grilling

Took some slices and chopped it up. It was still a bit too rubbery to pull with a fork, but boy was it moist and succulent.

I cut up some shallots and got out the BBQ sauce and the home made apple sauce, and here is dinner.

Both my daughter and son went yuuuummmm. I said you can have another one if you want and they both raced to the kitchen. My son kept going back into the kitchen and picking up another couple of bits as he said the meat without any sauce or bun was delicious!

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