Pull the other one…

Sorry I have not been blogging, but it is the summer holidays and the kids have been hanging out at Dads. We have been eating well:
smoked chicken breast,
sweet and sour pork (tarted up of course) ,
and spag boll with bread sticks.

My daughter asked me the other day what my favourite sandwich was when we were eating lunch, and I said a Rueben (and then had to explain what it was). I asked her the same question in return and she said hers was pulled pork on a bun with apple sauce. I was at Costco today and so I bought a shoulder of pork to make her a pulled pork sandwich.
Pork Shoulder

I removed the bag and the corset and washed the pork in the sink and patted it dry with paper towels. I cleaned it up a bit removing any fat I could find. I then rubbed sea salt and cracked pepper into it. In another bowl I mixed a tablespoon each of cumin, smoked paprika and coriander and then rubbed that onto the shoulder. Into a Sous Vide bag and then added a tablespoon each of liquid smoke and mushroom ketchup.

To seal the bag and remove the air I hung the bag over the edge of the counter and put the open end of the bag into the Vacuum Sealer. This is a trick I learned. If you have liquid in the bag it will not get sucked into the vacuum if it is hanging over the edge of the counter, the other trick is to freeze the liquids first.
Pork Shoulder in Sous Vide bag

I cranked up the SousVide Supreme to 135F and sat the pork shoulder in the bath.
Sous Vide

How was it you may ask? Well I have to write again tomorrow as it cooks for 24 hours.

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