Not sausages, Not hot dogs, we are talking Original Thuringian Rostbratwurst

Costco in the UK sell these delectable tubes of precooked loveliness. They are so good that you really need put some extra effort into the presentation.

So line up your food toys cause we are going to EAT:

Panasonic Breadmaker
Potato Chipper
Tefal ActiFry

First we need some proper brat buns, so into the bread maker goes:

¾ tsp yeast
400g strong white flour
1 tsp sugar
15g Butter
1 tsp salt
280 ml of water

This will make 6 buns.
Bread Ingredients

2 ½ hour later the beeping in the kitchen tells you the dough is done and it is time to get messy. The machine has done its work and produced a ball of dough.

Dough Ball

Get some more flour; you will need the bag if you do not want to wear the dough as gloves. Sprinkle some around the edge of the pan and then some on top. Dust your hand with flour and punch down in the middle and grab the paddle that is in the bottom of the pan and pull it out. Now make your hand flat and shove the flour you sprinkled around the edge down to the bottom of the pan all along all four sides. Flour both hands again and then you should be able to pull the dough ball out of the pan. Pat it into a ball adding flour to any stick bits. Now grab the big ball in the middle with the thumb and index finger squeeze to make two balls. Repeat until you have 6 balls in the pan. Now get some flour and cover one of the balls and proceed to push your thumbs up into the bread as you pull back on the top with your fingers (video to follow soon). Use more flour if it gets sticky until you have a fairly elastic ball of dough. Now hold it by one end and pull down on it to elongate the shape. Then using the thumb and index finger of the other hand press on the fat bits. Cover with flour on both sides and then grab the other end and press the fat bits again. Sooner or later you will end up with and elongated flat shaped dough. Kind of like this:
Shaping Bread

Ok so they are really ugly, but I did not say this was beautiful cuisine, my emphasis is on EAT!

Off they go to a warm place or your airing cupboard if you live in the UK. They will be in there for about 30 to 45 minutes (ok I have to say the baking catch phrase…) or until about doubled in size. They never get that big until they are stuffed into the oven so just put them somewhere for 30 minutes and get on with dinner.

Now turn your oven on to GM7 or 220C or 425F and put a shelf about ¾ way up the stack. BTW now is a good time to do some dishes as heating the water will help the airing cupboard to warm up and raise the bread. When the oven gets to heat it is time to put the dough in for 15 minutes, and they should be brown on top and cooked through.

At about 40 minutes before trough it is time to make the French Fries. Yes I said French Fries and not chips as they say here in the UK. As you can see the Chip Maker has two dies, one for Americans and one for Brits.
Potato Chipper

The key thing when using the Tefal ActiFry is that you need to remove starch and also have very dry potatoes. Wash them really well in cold water to remove the starch.
Chips Washed

Then use a tea towel and push them around to make sure they are dry.
Chips Dried

Now at 30 minutes before dinner the potatoes go into the Tefal ActiFry and cover with at most a tablespoon of olive oil. This will produce French Fries at less then 3 percent fat and that fat is olive oil, so almost good for you.
Actifry with Raw Chips

The brat buns are done and looking really good.
Cooked Buns
Scratch the square and think of fresh homemade bread Scratch and Sniff

Ok just 15 minutes before the fries are done put a grill pan on the stove at medium heat. Add some olive oil and with a paper towel cover the pan with a thin layer of oil. Take your brats out of the package and wash in cold water and dry with a paper towel. Then place in the grill pan. It will take 2-3 minutes on each side to warm and brown the brats. The cool thing is that the Costco brats are square so it is really easy to turn them every two to three minutes without them wanting to roll back.
Cooked Brats

French Fries are cooked and ready to eat…
Fries Done

So plate that sucker up and let’s EAT:
Plate Up

Now all I need to do is find a baseball game to watch… sod that we are watching Hulk on Movies on Demand through Sky on the XBOX.

I was going to have the 4th brat tonight for dinner, but the kids ate the rest of the buns I think they were saying yuummmm at the time. Enjoy.

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