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Drew Bob’s Open Pit Smoke House…

On Wednesday I took delivery of: Qty Desc Weight 1 17004 Weber Apple Chips – 1.36kg 1 1009 Heat Beads – 4kg 1 16012 Weber Premium Briquettes – 7kg 1 6456 Weber Style Gloves On Saturday I went to Costco … Continue reading

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The Smokey Mountains have come to the UK…

I took delivery of my Weber Smokey Mountain today. Some assembly was required as there a few parts. But all the bolts and nuts were the same size, nice design. It is heavy, the box weighed 15kg. All steel construction … Continue reading

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Interviewed by my niece…

My niece is a talented writer (in English and Spanish) at University. Currently, I am taking a feature writing class, and we have to write a food related feature. I was wondering if I could interview you about your blog … Continue reading

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Mostly Modernist Thanksgiving

Menu ===== -Turkey Breast -Gravy -Bread stuffing -Roast Potatoes -Mashed Sweet Potatoes -Cranberry sauce -Bread machine rolls/buns -Pumpkin Pie with whipping cream Day N-2 ====== Make large loaf of bread in your bread machine. It seems like a crime, but … Continue reading

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Street food my way…

Just got 15 minutes to put together dinner, well there is nothing better than my egg fried rice. A few store cupboard items are required as we have no time for shopping and I am hungry NOW! So crack a … Continue reading

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I have new favourite food…

Cholla from the Paradise Bakery in London. I have been following a thread on French toast at eGullet. They suggested using challah which is the same as cholla, it appears to have several names depending on the country. I thought … Continue reading

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I’ve gone all spiritual…

and started to read the Pie-ble Come on, 140 pie recipes for £9, you gotta get one or two even (it is a great gift idea with Christmas just around the corner). Right now I am about ¼ the way … Continue reading

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I think this is the last…

BBQ of 2011. I snuck one more BBQ in this weekend as I wanted to try the proposed changes to Brined Chicken on the Rotisserie. I used the original recipe with the change of smoked sea salt and then let … Continue reading

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Huh, what are you sick…

dude you are talking about meat glue! I was reading Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking (which is now in stock at after a 6 month wait) and they were doing some construction again. Not wood and … Continue reading

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Man sometimes leftovers ROCK…

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this one, but it was so good I had to blog it. On the weekend I cooked some Costco Sirloin steaks sous vide to a perfect 134F medium rare. The steaks were fantastic … Continue reading

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