Huh, what are you sick…

dude you are talking about meat glue! I was reading Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking (which is now in stock at after a 6 month wait) and they were doing some construction again. Not wood and nails, but meat! I keep coming across this stuff they use to reconstruct food. While reading about a Modernist Fried Chicken which takes the skin from the whole chicken and wraps it around a two chicken thighs before deep frying I decided to investigate what it is and see if I can get some. This meat glue is called Activa RM which is a brand name for a transglutaminase . I am not sure what this stuff is but I have sent an email to the company to ask where I can get some in the UK.

I was going to have a laugh and mark this vegetarian, but I need all the readers I can get 🙂

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