It is scrambled eggs on toast Jim, but not as we know it….

Well I had some time on my hands and some fresh eggs and stale bread so I decided to go Modernist and make some scrambled eggs on toast. One of the cool things about the Modernist Cuisine recipes is that they give two measures for a recipe. One is a weight or volume the other is a percentage of the main ingredient. I did not have 8 eggs, or want to eat 8 eggs myself so I used the percentage measurement of the recipe. Here is the basic recipe on the kitchen computer.

Recipe on Computer

So used 4 yolks which measured to 64 grams. Then every other ingredient was a percentage of this ingredient. Interesting was that I threw away quite a bit of whites that produced these yolks. The other problem was that trying to spoon whites was like herding cats. Spoon in and lift and get half the bowl or nothing at all. Here is the mixed ingredients.


I then needed to prep the Sous Vide to 162F

Sous Vide

Bag it up ready for Vac Packing
Recipe in the bag

I then hung the bag off of the edge of the counter and put the open end into the Vacuum Sealer. This allows liquids to be vacuum sealed without sucking the liquid into the machine.

I put some mushrooms on a really easy recipe, to accompany the scrambled eggs. I put some butter into a pan that has a lid that seals really well. When it is sizzling add some button mushrooms, give it a stir then put the lid on. Turn it down to the lowest heat setting and give it a shake every 5 minutes. These can be cooked for ½ hour to hour without any problem.

The eggs went into the Sous Vide for 25 minutes.

I had some bread that I made on Friday and with fresh bread 3 days is about the limit. So I took a couple of slices and toasted it.

The eggs were cooked so they were removed from the Sous Vide.
Scrambled Eggs in a bag

I filled my Hot & Cold Whipper for Cream, Sauces, Froths and Mousses with hot water to heat it, kind of like when you heat a tea pot before making tea. I then cut the corner out of the bag of scrambled eggs and squashed them into the canister.
Nitros Gadge

I charged the eggs with a cylinder of nitrous and gave it a good shake. I then exploded the eggs onto toast with the pressurized cylinder, wow that was a rush.

I plated it up with toast on the bottom and extruded eggs on top. I then put the shrooms on the back of the plate and chutney up front. Here is the finished product.


How long did it take to cook –it took about 2-2.5 hours to do this from start to cleaned up kitchen. This is a lot of time.

Was it worth it – yes as the whole experience including the eating was very interesting.

Was it good – yes, but it did not taste like eggs. It was more like buttery savoury custard, which is a new flavour / texture, but I am not sure if it is what I expected.

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