A Couple of days ago I did some cooking…

4 days ago I cooked some rump steak to medium rare and then crash landed them into a ice bath which I then put into my fridge for storage. Tonight I decided to cook beef and black bean sauce, as I really like it and wanted to see how the steak would present itself. So I followed the recipe to prep, but then I grabbed a bag of steak from the fridge

I then opened it up and drained off the liquid and hit it with a paper towel. Ready to go for the stir fry just needed a bit of slicing
Sous Vide steak sliced

Can you see how it is the same all the way through? I it is all a medium rare from top to bottom.

I then put all the vegi bits together until tender and then dropped the cooked meat in at the last two minutes with the sauce. Crank the heat up and stir, stir, stir fry!

The end result is
Beef and Black Bean with belated steak
and the steak was to die for. No really it just melted in your mouth, which is great since this is rump steak that matched sirloin in previous events.

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