One of the cool things about Sous Vide is…

that you can cook meat from frozen. I have not read the scientific bits yet about this (still in volume 1) but my guess is that what happens is that it thaws, comes to room temp and then cooks all in one motion. This afternoon I took a steak out of the freezer at 4:00

Frozen Costco Sirloin

I bagged it in my Vacuum Sealer with some unsalted butter and sea salt and pepper, still totally frozen. I then stoked up the Sous Vide with hot water from the tap and put the steak in for a good long hot relaxing bath (no candles though).

Sous Vide

131 F is the best temperature for a rare steak so I went for it. At about 6:30 I put the steamer on and prepared the vegetables. Nice time of year in the UK, fresh asparagus and Jersey Royals.


Steam the spuds for 20 minutes and asparagus for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile lift the steak from the Sous Vide

Boil in a Bag Steak

and give it a good blast in a really hot frying pan for a minute a side

Finished Steak

Plate this up with


Sauce Béarnaise for the beef, Hollandaise for the asparagus and butter and sea salt for the Royals. Not a drop of ketchup in site, lovin it.

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