Here is one for the veggies…

One of my good friends who is a vegetarian and always very PC said that my site was nice but not really suited for vegetarians, so this is for Lynn. We need to celebrate asparagus season in the UK and I am on my second bunch from my favourite place to go on a lazy Sunday afternoon , or any other time that I get a chance Sheeplands farm shop. After my review of Weber’s Time to Grill: Easy or Adventurous, It’s Your Call. My comment on the vegetarian section was:

“The first really nice recipe that hits me is Asparagus and Potato Napoleons with Tarragon Vinaigrette which is a short stack of potato pancake, asparagus, goat’s cheese and repeat… nice.”

Which was not 100% true as they are not potato pancakes but slices of potato which are par boiled then grilled (better already). I cooked this tonight. The farm shop provided some of the bits for the meal, which for me anyway, are not really considered store cupboard. First there was goat’s cheese. Jon Thorners does some really nice food (pies, sorry veggie’s) and other things like this Nannie Goats Olive Grove Cheese with olives, tomato pieces and basil (yum). They also had capers and some locally produced Dijon Mustard.
And Hare Hatch garden shop provided me with some fresh French Tarragon Plants to supplement the recipe.

Potatoes were sliced and par boiled then put into a bag with the asparagus (after dead ending) and some olive oil. Then onto the grill for 4 minutes a side.

Now it is layered up and sprinkled with capers and goats cheese and then surrounded by vinaigrette.

And this is what it looks like when it is done…
It was very nice, and as you can see I did not leave a lot. Next time a little less lemon juice and some maybe some mayo to thicken the sauce.

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