Ribs and Paper Towels what more do you need in life…

OK I now know that summer is here. Costco has Pork Baby Back Ribs and
Baby Back Ribs and Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce in stock, so what are you waiting for… oh this recipe to put the two together into a dinner that will make them go yuuuummmm.

You will need a lazy afternoon to do this recipe because it takes a minimum of 4 hours and 5 are better. So get some beer in and put the recliner in the garden and prepare to cook leisurely. What we need to do is turn the ribs from hard and gristle to soft and smooth and that takes time, but if you have beer and a recliner why rush?

Turn your oven on to gas mark 3, 325 F or 170 C and put the rack in the middle of the oven.

Get a large roasting tin and line it with aluminium foil. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP OR THE WASHER UPPER PERSON WILL HATE YOU FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!!!! Sorry for shouting, but really, if you miss this step out it will be the decision to throw the pan away or try and clean it. Oh BTW I am on my second pan. You will need to put a rack in the roasting tin to keep the ribs suspended over the beer, oh yes we are not just cooking them slowly we are also steaming them in lovely golden nectar.

Now wash the racks of ribs and use a sharp knife to score both sides and then line them up in the pan. Then sacrifice half a can or bottle of beer and poor over the ribs. Do not use a fan oven as this will dry out the ribs.
Ribs in pan ready to cook

Now set your timer for 45 minutes and put the ribs in the oven. When the timer sounds turn the ribs over and sacrifice another half a can or bottle of beer over the ribs. At this point you may want to sacrifice a can or bottle to the cook who is sweating over the dinner. Then set the alarm for 45 minutes and rinse and repeat until 3 hours is up. They should look like this.

Ready for Sauce

Remove the ribs from the pan and poor off any liquid in the bottom of the pan. Turn the oven up to gas mark 5, 375F or 190C as we now want to take moisture out of the sauce and make it stick to the ribs.

Make sure that the underside is on the top at this point as they will get the sauce first, but we want the top of the ribs to have the sauce last. Add lots of sauce and mop them up to cover all the ribs.


Back into the oven for ½ hour. Now is the time to make your chips in the Tefal ActiFry. Today we are making thick chips which need to be washed.

Thick Chips

And then dried really well before cooking for ½ hour

Dry Chips

Since we cook them in ½ tbsp of Olive Oil they are less than 3% fat and almost good for you.

Then if you can stand it sauce the top and back into the oven for another ½ hour.

Almost Done

Now use a scissors to cut the ribs and plate up with the chips. Pass out the paper towels and set down to a real EAT fest!

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