The Bakery

  • Apple, Walnut and Cinnamon

    Apple, Walnut and Cinnamon

    My homage to mom’s apple pie. Apple and cinnamon are a perfect pair and the walnuts add texture. Try breathing in through your mouth at the end of a mouth full to get a nice cool cinnamon burst.

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  • Banana Bread

    Banana Bread

    After the pandemic everyone has a banana bread recipe, I was not going to be left out. Vanilla goes perfectly with banana and pecans add a smooth texture.

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  • Carrot and Sultana Spice Bread

    Carrot and Sultana Spice Bread

    Loosely based on the ingredients found in carrot cake, carrots, walnuts and juicy sultanas. Of course the pairing for this bread is a slather of cream cheese.

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  • Courgette, Lemon and Poppy Seed

    Courgette, Lemon and Poppy Seed

    A mash up of two different recipes. The first recipe is lemon infused olive oil on thinly sliced courgettes for the BBQ and other is lemon poppy seed cake. The bread is light, moist, and refreshing but it makes you feel good because it has vegetables in it.

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  • Cranberry and Pecan Bread (seasonal)

    Cranberry and Pecan Bread (seasonal)

    This is the bread that started my quest to create a great tasting bread that was wheat-free and sugar-free (see About for the full story). Cranberries are seasonal from November to December so this bread’s availability will depend on their supply in the local Morrisons. Cranberries are very sour so this bread has a little extra sweetener to make them sweet-tart nuggets mixed in with creamy pecans.

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  • Pear and Pecan Bread

    Pear and Pecan Bread

    Pear two ways, grated to give the bread moisture and cut into sections to give your mouth a “ooh what was that”. Pear is subtle, and the pecans add a creamy background to support. Try it with some blue cheese, but instead of having the blue cheese on top of the bread turn it over and eat it with the cheese down on your tongue so your olfactory is not initially overwhelmed.

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  • Rhubarb and Pecan Bread (seasonal)

    Rhubarb and Pecan Bread (seasonal)

    Rhubarb and creme anglaise (custard made with vanilla) is a classic pudding that is the basis for this bread. Rhubarb season is from March to June, so the availability is seasonal.

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