Leftovers By Design

  • Spatchcock Chicken
    Cut the cooking time in half and the chicken too. Spatchcock is an old BBQ hack to make a chicken flat so that it is easier to cook over the coals. It also cuts the cooking time for the chicken in half and cooks the chicken evenly. Here are the great recipes from Leftovers By […]
  • Pressure Cooked Ham in Apple Juice
    Is it better to boil gammon/ham or roast it? Several years ago, we did an unscientific experiment with a large gammon/ham cut into smaller ones cooked different ways. The conclusion was to boil then roast to finish. This makes a great presentation, fat studded with cloves and a brown sugar and mustard glaze but not […]
  • Beef Sous Vide
    When I started my ascent to perfectly cooked medium rare roast beef, I tried a method from a popular chef which was a three-stage process: the Sizzle, the Cooking and the Rest. The margins of the recipe book were covered with notes of different times for different shapes and sizes and notes about “opening the […]
  • Pulled Pork Sous Vide
    Selling pulled pork is like printing money to restaurants.  With this recipe you can be on the other side of the counter and make wonderful pulled pork for friends and family.  Trim up the pork to remove most of the  fat, which is not needed when cooking sous vide, will make the jus liquid gold […]
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