Spatchcock Chicken

Cut the cooking time in half and the chicken too. Spatchcock is an old BBQ hack to make a chicken flat so that it is easier to cook over the coals. It also cuts the cooking time for the chicken in half and cooks the chicken evenly.

Here are the great recipes from Leftovers By Design that use spatchcock chicken …

  • Umami Bomb Quiche

    Everything in this quiche is chock full of umami. In order of increasing content: eggs, mushrooms, chicken, asparagus, onions, peas, and parmesan cheese. Add a little salt and pepper then BOOM!

  • White Chicken Chili

    We used to visit a small shop in a strip mall where one small store sold cooking ingredients, candy and nuts and stuff. One of the items we used to buy was white chilli mix that had a tiny little bottle of Green Tabasco tied to it. This is my version of that wonderful spicy chilli. I am not using the traditional green chillies because I find them too harsh so have gone for smoky dried chipotle for that nice after glow and a slight pink colour.

  • Chicken Stir Fry

    I think the choi family (bok and pak) are undervalued and misunderstood.  It is two vegetables in one, like bamboo shoots but not as crunchy and like spinach but not as slimy.   The key is to cut it in half and cook the bottom and top at different times.  Of course, anything is better with a handful of salted cashews which is the bacon of the nut world.

  • Chicken Pie

    This is a quick win because all you have to do is cut the mushrooms and stir.  Hopefully, you have removed the dark meat from the bone when the chicken was warm. This recipe will take just about any cooked vegetable so go ahead and experiment. Most of the leftovers are already spiced, the rosemary gives it a country pub feel.

  • Chicken Enchiladas

    When my daughter was growing up, she loved cheese and chicken but hated hot spicey dishes, so I learned to turn down the spice to a milder background flavour instead of in-your-face flame thrower. The left-over dark meat from the thigh and leg works well with the beans. I have been known to eat the whole dish but if you serve it with sides it will provide a meal for two.

  • Chicken Cacciatore

    Chicken cacciatore is the first recipe I ever cooked on a dinner date many, many years ago. It was quite high tech for the time because it was in an Amana Radarange microwave oven.  This recipe is sized for a single serving but it can easily be stretched to two with another chicken breast and a side salad.

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