Beef Sous Vide

When I started my ascent to perfectly cooked medium rare roast beef, I tried a method from a popular chef which was a three-stage process: the Sizzle, the Cooking and the Rest. The margins of the recipe book were covered with notes of different times for different shapes and sizes and notes about “opening the window and closing the doors for the sizzle”. I never reached the summit of perfection for roast beef until I start cooking sous vide. Perfectly medium rare throughout even if it is shaped like a cone. The sous vide also takes tougher cuts of meat and makes them cut like butter due to the cooking time. The roast can bagged the night before and dropped it into the sous vide in the morning to be ready when you get home.

Here are the delicious recipes from Leftovers By Design that use roast beef…

  • Indoor BBQ with Beef and Vegetables

    In the winter when it is dark and cold I miss having a quick BBQ after work, so I came up with this meal. These are all the vegetables that go really well with beef charred on a plate. After the veg are cooked the grill pan is a great place to solve the other problem of how to reheat leftover rare roast without over cooking.

  • Beef Portobello Stack

    Mozzarella, cheddar, or blue cheese you decide. These are a great snack and a full meal with a salad. The recipe is using sous vide beef so it will be tender, but the tomatoes need a bit of a fry prior to adding to the stack so it all gets done at the same time. These are good cold so would be great on a buffet cut into quarters with a tooth pick, posh sliders.

  • Beef Faux Parmigiana

    I love veal parmigiana but there are just so many things wrong with it, this is a delicious substitute. High welfare rose veal is hard to find so I use tender roast beef. The pesto provides the parmigiana so use a good one. If you don’t have time to make the sauce then use sugar free pasta sauce and fry in a pan until quite dry.

  • Beef Stir Fry

    Medium rare beef, mushrooms and broccoli in beef gravy are perfect companions. This recipe uses some of the gravy from the roast morphed into a spicy stir fry sauce and some of the rare beef roast. If you add the roast right at the end, then each strip of beef is like a mini steak cooked on the outside but still soft and medium rare on the inside. I am exerting my right as chef with the broccoli because I do not like it stir fried so instead, I steam it then stop the cooking and add it at the end with the beef and sauce. Make sure you cut everything up ahead of time it just takes the stress out of cooking.

  • Beef and Mushroom Pie

    Gravy, meat and mash means pie.  A cold winters night meal to warm your soul. This recipe assumes you have cooked the sous vide roast beef and trimmings so you have done most the work already so it’s a win.  Mushrooms add the umami to finish it off.

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